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natural herbs for impotence drugs

Impotence is also called impotence, is the disease most feared by men. The patient is tormented physically and spiritually, the biological needs can not be met, as a vital tool is the only sluggish and do not work anymore.
Suffering does not stop here, this disease can threaten the integrity of households and lead to infidelity.

The cause of this disease include:
Psychic disturbances, prolonged fear, feelings of inferiority, much masturbation, accidents, diabetes, lack of vitamin B1 and the elderly.
Symptoms of Impotence:
Limp penis and an erection can not
Discouragement and low self-esteem
Not excited and do not care about women
Body always limp and listless

Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) _____ 10 gr
Pulosari (Alyxia stellate) _____ 25 gr
Pepper (Piper Ningrum) _____ 20 gr
Garlic (Allium sativum) _____ 10 gr
Turmeric (Curcuma domestica) _____ 5 gr
_____ 10 grams of pure honey
_____ Chicken egg 2 eggs

How to Make:
Fennel, pulosari, pepper, garlic and turmeric into a finely ground, given the hot water, squeezed and filtered.
Chicken egg yolk was taken, put into a glass containing the above ingredients. Add the honey. Then stir until blended.
Directions for Use:
2-3 hours while drunk after dinner.
Perform routine, respectively for 1 month, then God willing the result will be amazing.

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